Happy Birthday Darryl Williams

Okay, we are cheating a bit today. We already have a Darryl Williams feature page but today is his birthday so we have to wish him well. Whenever you are out his way, check out his Wednesday Jam session if you can. However if your spurs are hanging up in Big D like us, subscribe to his Facebook page. You can watch snippets of the shows that he posts quite often.  It’s wrong for me to say this (being an internet radio station and all) but you can never experience music unless you go out and see it live.

Of course as the night goes on and we get funkier, Darryl is right there for us.  Let’s face it. Everyone has a favorite instrument. Our morning programmer loves the keyboards and saxophone. But for those of us on the night shift, IT IS THE BASS! Always that funky bass.

It seems like if there is a crossroad of musicians, Darryl always seems to bring them together.  The range of artists that this man has performed with is staggering not to mention his work with the L.A. Jazz Collective. When you are a small station like us, we tend to focus on the newer artists and try to bring them a platform to let the world hear their gifts.  Artists like Darryl also believe in giving to others and in an indirect way, he gives to Deep Pockets Jazz.  We watch who he plays with. If they are talented enough to share the stage with Darryl, they are worth us finding out who they are.


Thanks for everything Darryl and Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Darryl Williams

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