The James Kob Experience – So Right

The James Kob Experience

This is the first single from the album So Right off the independent Partly Sunny Records label. As this veteran composer states, this is all about “creating a completely new kind of performance experience”. With the help of Maria Schafer and Danielle Field, the song So Right is a reaffirmation of the beauty of the human experience. Where people do not take the time to see “the revelation that was me and I discovered something special”.

The album is an experience onto itself, it is multi-genre, multi-cultural, and even multilingual featuring songs sung in French and Portuguese. Not one to contain himself to any particular style, So Right is a bit of jazz, a little Bossa Nova and a little pop.

Although there are no plans to tour at the moment, we can envision what a global guided tour this artist could produce.  Be sure to keep watching his website for chance to experience what James Kob can do.


The James Kob Experience - So Right
The James Kob Experience So Right was published on on January 21st. Deep Pockets Jazz Radio is available on ShoutCast, TuneIn, iTunes and Roku. And here on our player of course.

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