KC Roberts and The Live Revolution

The Battle over KC Roberts and the Live Revolution

I am not going to lie, there is trouble a brewing at Deep Pockets Jazz over KC Roberts and the Live Revolution. The video above is from 2013. An eternity around here. However the buzz about this 10 piece band out of Canada is electrifying.  The frenzy that this band produces over their sold out shows night over nights just begs the notion that a breakout is just over the horizon. So do we hold off and maximize interest or just tell you to start paying attention now? Well considering the plans for the ambition From The North CD with a different music video for each song has yet to materialize, I say we start get behind them now

From The North

When they decided to go the crowd funding route, their dedicated fans raised $63,000 in 90 days for their ambitious From The North project. So not only will there be a new album but each of the seventeen songs will be recorded live in front of a four person camera crew and will have its own music video. Plus each song will have a separate art piece that will tell the story of the song itself. They were poised to put everything on line and go for broke. Then, of course, tragedy. KC had some pretty major vocal issues but he’s back and band has grown stronger by carrying on because they can never let their fans down.  They are building up that lost momentum and hopefully making 2017 the year that 2016 should have been.  Perhaps they can even make all they way down to Dallas.


KC Roberts
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