Deep Pockets Jazz Show 1 – February 4th 2017

Deep Pockets Jazz Radio Show 1

We were playing around with some new equipment and decided to share it with all of you. We want to get to know you more as time goes on and keep you informed about news, releases, and just getting to know you better.  Since we were playing around, we tested around some of our favorite songs at the moment. After a while, we thought we could put a show out on Soundcloud to really highlight and promote some acts.  Well one thing led to another and here is the results.  Yeah, I know I sound a bit off and the music bed needs to be livelier but we’ll get there. Feel free to let know your thoughts about it at What would you like to hear and what can we do to help give you a better jazz experience?

Click on the link for the show





Show Notes

0:00 – Station ID

0:05 – Danny KuszCan’t Stop The Groove

4:01 – Chase Huna – Drive from the CD On The Chase

7:46 – Break

8:30 – Steve Watson – Pear Bear from the CD Playtime

12:01 – Walter Beasley – I’m Back from the CD I’m Back

15:52 – Break

16:39 – Jazmin Ghent – Thumpin’ from the CD Chocolate Sunshine

20:22 – Kirk Fischer – Dis ‘Sup from the CD Friends

23:58 – Break

24:18 – Jazz Funk Soul – Tuesday Swings from the CD More Serious Business

30:02 – Dreaming In ColourCayenne

33:46 – Break

34:23 – Jack Magnet – Still Boppin’ Along from the CD Global Warming

37:25 – Zolbert – Be Cool from the CD Inside Out

41:41 – Break

42:51 – Rob Zinn – Freddie’s Funk from the CD Yesterday Again

48:55 – Project Grand Slam – The Queen’s Carnival from the CD The Queen’s Carnival

52:38 – Station ID



Deep Pockets Jazz Radio Show 1 was published on on February  4th. Deep Pockets Jazz Radio is available on ShoutCast, TuneIn, iTunes and Roku. And here on our player of course.

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