Natalie Cadet Take Five on 5/4


Natalie Cadet Takes On Take Five

We here at Deep Pockets Jazz are fine will all this Star Wars May The Fourth stuff. It’s cute. But we need real holidays like 5/4 day. Luckily, Natalie Cadet comes along with her debut solo CD title My Journey and gives us just the theme we need. Now we all know the story of Take Five. The Paul Desmond song recorded by the Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1959. Quite likely still the best selling biggest selling jazz single of all time. Now Natalie gives us a fresh new perspective on the classic and makes is just as fresh and exciting as ever.  I love what she writes about it on her webpage about it.

From Natalie’s webpage

“Tony really wanted me to do a cover of a classic jazz tune for this project. I had become obsessed with Nat King Cole’s Pick Yourself Up, and for over three months tried my damnedest to come up with an arrangement that worked. Tony suggested that I should consider the song, Take Five. Within a week I’d completed this arrangement.  Working on this song taught me not to over-think things, to relax, and focus on what I enjoy most about the tune. My many thanks to Katisse for bringing the vibe on the alto sax.”

I love how she tried so hard on Pick Yourself Up and then just got this take so easily.

Natalie Cadet Biography

That incredible range that you hear in the song is just a sample of the three octave range that beautiful voice can cover. If you are a fan of Christian radio, you may already be familiar with Natalie as part of the a cappella group, The Cadet Sisters. It is no wonder that Natalie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance and Master’s in Contemporary Improvisation.



Natalie Cadet

Take Five with all this May The Fourth stuff – Natalie Cadet was published on on, ironically,  5/4. Deep Pockets Jazz Radio, your not so smooth Jazz radio station is available on ShoutCast, TuneIn, iTunes and Roku. And here on our player of course.

One thought on “Natalie Cadet Take Five on 5/4

  • July 24, 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Very nice vocals and harmonies. I would have love to hear a lyrical aspect like Jarreau on Take Five and a little more soul
    I am a vocalist that sings that song also.
    Natalie is on the move for greatness


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